hp handling

HP HANDLING combines an up-to-date comprehensive approach with know how in the Grain and Dry Bulk Material Handling.
The company team is dynamic and has a solid experience gained in decades of activity in engineering, manufacturing, supervising and commissioning plant all over the world.

Our main focus is to offer FLEXIBLE and RELIABLE systems.
The wide range of available products and solutions allows Hp Handling to propose different technologies complying in full with the projects requirements in term of operational benchmarks, available space and environmental conditions and comparing pros and cons of each technology.

We engineer, manufacture and deliver single equipment or full plant from input to output granting RELIABILITY and performance to the best market standard including automation and plant management software.

One more key driver for conceiving our systems is the BEST INVESTMENT VALUE for our Clients by the evaluation of the Total Cost of Ownership in order to optimize the ratio between CAPEX investment cost and the OPEX operational cost.


hp handling?

HP HANDLING supports the Client starting from the feasibility study, during the engineering process and up to the installation phase including the connection to the power source.

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Support to clients

Full customization

Turn-key solutions

Local presence and service

Delivery & logistic service

Best investment value

Rehabilitation of existing plants

Support for project financing



We have developed internal procedures covering all the phases of the project development.
Design, Procurement, Production, Quality Verification are developed according the most updated EN and ISO standard regarding static and dynamic structures calculation, materials traceability, welding procedures and safety requirements among the others.
These procedures are followed in our offices and manufacturing facilities as well as from our partners and suppliers.

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